1999 - 2000 Season
Event Performance
Temple Challenge Cup Did not Qualify
Crews which qualified for the Regatta are listed in alphabetical order; those which failed to qualify are listed in order of the time they took to complete the course QUALIFIED

Canford School 'A'

Christ Church and Magdalen College, Oxford

Durham University 'B'

Exeter College, Oxford

Imperial College, London 'B'

Nottingham University 'B'

Oxford Brookes University 'B'

Pembroke College and Christ's College, Cambridge

St. Joseph's University 'B', U.S.A.

St. Paul's School

Trinity College, Dublin 'B', Ireland


First & Third Trinity Boat Club, Cambridge 06:41.4

King's College and Robinson College, Cambridge 06:41.7

Emmanuel College, Cambridge 06:42.0

Nephthys Boat Club 'B' 06:42.6

Trinity College, Hartford 'B', U.S.A. 06:42.7

King's College and United Medical and Dental Schools, London 06:42.9

Jesus College, Cambridge 06:43.3

Fitzwilliam College and Downing College, Cambridge 06:43.7

St Barts. & The Royal London Hospitals and Queen Mary & Westfield College, London 06:44.1

University of Bristol 'B' 06:44.2

University College, Durham 06:46.6

Eton College 06:50.6

Shiplake College 06:51.1

Canford School 'B' 06:51.7

Bedford School 06:52.1

University College. London 06:52.7

Reading University 'B' 06:54.0

Churchill College, Cambridge 06:54.2

Southampton University 'B' 06:54.8

Pangbourne College 06:57.3

The following did not report for Qualifying Races and are therefore treated as having withdrawn from the Regatta:-

Darwin College, Cambridge

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