Robert Brownell
Treasurer & Secretary
Floreat Castellum Boat Club

  David Shaw
Social Secretary
Floreat Castellum Boat Club

"Floreat Castellum"
- may the castle flourish..

Floreat Castellum Boat Club (FCBC) is an Alumni network that provides support to the current University College Boat Club. All members of FCBC donate a monthly or annual amount to the FCBC fund, with the aim of providing extra equipment, boats and funds for a future substantial boat house renovation.

FCBC was created in 2002 by the 2002 & 2003 leavers. It exists to support UCBC and to have fun:

  • Organises an annual reunion meal and a drinks reception at Henley Royal Regatta.
  • Keeps old UCBC members in touch with UCBC news via a mailing list.
  • Raises awareness of any FCBC members who are competing in major races for their own clubs.
  • Challenges UCBC at Durham Regatta.
  • Co-ordinates race crews for those wishing to compete for FCBC.
  • Fundraises for UCBC.
  • FCBC currently raises £4,000 per year in standing orders.
  • Since creation the club has raised in excess of £20,000 through a mix of standing orders and one-off donations from over 80 members.
  • In 2011 FCBC helped to donate a new Janousec VIII to UCBC named 'Maurice the Master'.
  • In 2014 FCBC helped to donate a new Stamfli 4+ to UCBC named 'Floreat Castellum Boat Club'

To join FCBC, simply complete the alumni membership form, set up an online standing order and contact the FCBC members above with your details.

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